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Memorable Lines from Jimmy

Updated: May 7, 2021

Jimmy’s bold, often hilarious missives

looked like they’d been dashed off in a hurry. Here’s one from outside Nairobi, dated October 12, 1997, when he’d looked up another of his heroes, the artist Peter Beard:

…Hayes, if there’s anything left of your manhood – and how could there be? – you’ll come to Africa. Today. Donna and the kids will understand. Just tell them it’s work related. Big tradeshow perhaps? Then pack light. Beard wears a sarong, or nothing at all. Same for his guests. Tomorrow we visit the Maasai. There’s been a lion about and Beard says nothing riles up the Maasai like lion. Hope you’ve lost some weight since last time I saw you. Lion covers 100 yards in four seconds.

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