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Writer. Searcher. Enigma.


JIMMY CLIFTON was reported lost at sea in the early morning hours of June 7, 2020. His crewmates on the fishing boat Miss Rosie Mae remember his prodigious capacity for rum and a gift for spinning yarns that helped captain and crew endure those tedious stretches on the open water. He left a loaded .45, an old photo from better times, and several manuscripts as the only clues to a life well lived.

But the tale doesn't end there.

The task of curating the Jimmy Clifton series and bringing this gifted writer's intriguing novels to light has been left to MICHAEL HAYES, Clifton's only known living kin. As a longtime ad man, Hayes shares Clifton's talents for weaving tall tales and stretching the truth.


This first one’s called POWERBALLS. A cautionary tale if there ever was one about the perils of
sudden wealth, and what the almighty dollar can do to a man’s, or woman’s, soul. In the
immortal words of Jimmy Clifton, Be careful what you wish for.
We think you’ll like it.



Now arriving...

A sudden windfall –

and the money to make every dream come true…


With finances and marriage strained to the breaking point, Rose and Henry Ball dream of new lives filled with romance and adventure. Then Fortune takes a hand. Against all odds the couple win a record Powerball lottery. The sudden windfall is the answer to all their prayers.

Or maybe not...

Helpless to resist the sirens’ song, the Balls leap feet first into the intoxicating world of the super-rich. Henry drifts into treacherous waters on a mad Russian oligarch’s yacht, while Rose throws caution to the wind and rushes headlong into the arms of a beautiful, dangerous stranger. The Balls are in way over their heads by the time Fortune reveals her capricious nature. A swashbuckling investment banker entrusted with their wealth has rolled the dice and lost. Now, money can’t save Rose from a terrible fate. It’s up to Henry to come to her rescue.

The pleasures and perils of sudden wealth spring to vivid life in the rip-roaring POWERBALLS, where wealth and security are illusions – and only love endures.


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“A lively beach or commute read, this quick, cheerful parody of aging, capitalism, and marriage offers a little bit of everything––comedy, suspense, romance––and even some insights into the meaning of life.”
—Booklife by Publishers Weekly

"Readers Favorite 2022 Gold Medal Award...This is the power that Clifton's narrative has: You read it to find out what fate befalls our instant Powerball winners, and you secretly imagine what you would do if you were in their shoes."
-Readers Favorite

“A mysterious author delivers the comical tale…a raucous adventure around the globe.”
—Kirkus Reviews

"Readers looking for a rollicking adventure...intrigue and action will love Powerballs...where romance, adventure, and greed intersect in a world-hopping journey of lives gone awry."
—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“…Full of beauty, intrigue, and romance…Henry and Rose’s whirlwind of misadventures snowballs into an exciting, if tidy, climax that forces reevaluations of what they want—and who they want it with.”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews

" action-packed adventure story that also serves as a cautionary tale of what can happen when one is suddenly thrown into great and exciting."

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